Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Are Engaged!

Left photo: Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin / Neflix

Crash Landing on You stars Son Ye Jin, 40, and Hyun Bin, 39, are getting married in a private ceremony in Seoul this upcoming March as revealed by the latter’s agency. On the eve of February 10, Hyun Bin shared his decision to get married via an Instagram post through Vast Entertainment, an agency the actor set up himself. Son Ye Jin likewise posted a photo of a miniature wedding dress along with a caption translated in Korean and English.

Translation of Hyun Bin’s marriage announcement

He writes, “Hello everyone, I’m Hyun Bin, how are you all doing?

I wanted to tell the fans who have given the greatest care and love to cherish me despite my shortcomings firsthand about the most important decision of my life, so I am writing this.

Some of you might be guessing, yes, I have decided to get married and move carefully towards the second stage of my life. I made a promise with the girl who always makes me laugh to walk through the days ahead together. Junghyuk and Seri from the drama will take that one step together.

For giving us your warm affectionate gaze until now, I hope you can continue to give us your warmth and affection as the two of us take our first step.

Then, until the day we meet and greet each other, stay healthy and happy.”

Likewise, bride-to-be Son Ye Jin shares that she’s found someone to spend the rest of her life with. She writes, “It happened so naturally… But, isn’t that destiny?”

Crash Landing On You’s Reel-to-Real Couple

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin first confirmed their relationship after a paparazzi sighting by Dispatch in January 2021. The two worked together in the 2018 film The Negotiation and reunited for Crash Landing on You in 2019. They were rumored to be dating several times in the past but denied it back then. Her agency revealed they became a couple after their hit series Crash Landing on You concluded its run in 2020.

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