“Shining for One Thing” Movie Version Is in the Works!

Shining for One Thing
Shining for One Thing Movie

Good news for fans of the web drama Shining for One Thing  一闪一闪亮星星 as it was just confirmed that the series will be getting its very own movie adaptation soon. The film version also signed on the original directors Chen Xiaoming and Zhang Pan, screenwriter Duan Yule and producers Wang Feng and Wang Chen so the biggest question now on everyone’s lips is whether Shining for One Thing’s original couple Qu Chuxiao and Zhang Jianing as well as the rest of the cast are also on board. It would hardly be the same without the two playing Zhang Wan Sen and Lin Beixing.

As for the plot, whether the movie version will pick up from where the sort of cliffhanger left off or whether it’s going to be a reboot appears to be the question. But from what little hints the movie’s official page dropped, I’m guessing it could very well be a continuation.

Many of you will recall the pivotal lighthouse scene towards the end which frankly left some unfinished business between Wan Sen and Beixing. Lo and behold, the hand-drawn poster from the movie features a man running towards a woman with the lighthouse shining brightly in the distance. Factor in the accompanying caption “this time, I will steadfastly run towards you” and I’m guessing we might finally see the person holding the umbrella. Maybe.

Shining for One Thing Movie Announced

At the very least, the hashtag (#林北星张万森未完待续) seems to be hinting that the movie version will finally tie up those “loose ends” between Lin Beixing and Zhang Wansen. As does the caption on the web drama’s official page which says “time and space will open again, and love will not let you down in the end”. Dare we hope these two will finally have a future together?

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