Ng Man-tat’s Last Movie is the New “A Chinese Odyssey” Adaptation Released in 2022

Ng Man-tat's Last Movie Appearance is the New "A Chinese Odyssey" Adaptation Released in 2022
Ng Man-tat with Wu Haochen on the set of A Chinese Odyssey

It’s been almost a year since Ng Man-tat passed away. Regarded for his works in comedy over the years, the late actor will always be dearly missed. Ng Man-tat leaves behind his final movie appearance in the 2022 adaptation of A Chinese Odyssey 大话西游之缘起 which released as a web movie this month.

This latest version starring Wu Haochen (Nirvana in Fire 2)and Marie Ma Xinrui (Lost Love in Times) in the iconic roles of Zhi Zunbao and Zi Xia is an adaptation of Stephen Chow’s 1995 film A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella 大话西游之大圣娶亲. It takes place five hundred years before the Monkey King wreaked havoc at the heavenly palace. Zi Xia is a wick fairy at the end of her life and she is desperately looking for the person who can pull her sword from its scabbard to change her fate. Using pandora’s box, she learns that he is none other than the Monkey King. But in this lifetime, he is just an ordinary man who’s about to succeed his father’s noodle shop.

Photo: Marie Ma Xinui as Zixia / Weibo

Ng Man-tat who has worked with Stephen Chow repeatedly as a comedic duo also starred in the 1995 two-part film as Zhu Bajie. The newest adaptation released 27 years later brings back a number of veteran cast. Uncle Tat plays the main protagonist’s father who appears mainly at the beginning of the film. His character’s name is also listed as Uncle Tat 达叔. A Chinese Odyssey was shot in 2020 which was reportedly the year Uncle Tat discovered he had cancer. No one could have expected his passing, but his memory will surely live on.

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