Ming Dao Caught on Camera Losing His Temper Because of His 5-Year-Old Co-Star

Ming Dao
Photo: Ming Dao / Weibo

Taiwanese actor Ming Dao who starred in the uber popular drama The Prince Who Turns into A Frog was recently caught on camera losing his temper on his much younger 5-year-old co-star Guo Guo. Ming Dao and Huang Yi are the stars of their new drama In the Summer Time 夏末初见. They had just finished filming that day and were taking photos on set with a bunch of other actors when Guo Guo started acting up. Sitting on Huang Yi’s lap, Guo Guo was in a very “playful” mood.

Ming Dao Draws Criticism for Losing His Temper

When the director was about to call action, the child actress wasn’t paying much attention and playfully kept moving her head around in the wrong direction. Huang Yi tried several times to stop her from doing so until Ming Dao told Guo Guo off, “mother*, don’t waste my time okay.” He couldn’t take it anymore and stormed off shortly. But it wasn’t before he said, “We’ll continue filming after you’ve behaved.

When the video first went public, Netizens scolded Ming Dao for losing his patience like that with a mere child and for cussing. However, upon realizing that it was Guo Guo’s mum who shared the vid online supposedly with the intent to shame him, things started to take a different turn as Netizens now scolded her for failing to keep her child in line. Although most agree that Ming Dao was wrong to speak to a child that way, Netizens also said that Guo Guo’s mum is responsible for educating her kids. “Since you are a child actor, you must be professional on the job” and “the child wasn’t taught manners at home” were some of the comments online.

Ming Dao Caught on Camera Losing His Temper Because of His 5-Year-Old Co-Star

Apologising to Ming Dao

Meanwhile, Guo Guo’s mother has apologised. She said, “Thought of keeping quiet after making a mistake, but many netizens are still slandering Ming Dao because of my little video clip.” She said the least she could do was apologise. She explained that her intent for sharing the clip was just to share her daughter behind-the-scenes. When she realized that the video was gaining views fast with many negative comments towards the actor and her daughter Guo Guo, she immediately deleted the video but the topic already made it to the hot search.

She reiterated that she is often strict in educating her daughter who turns 6 this month. They managed to successfully wrap filming. However on the last day of the shoot, there were lots of people milling around on the set. Guo Guo wore a long face and was slouched against Huang Yi. She said she didn’t expect her daughter would refuse to cooperate over and over again. “I told her to stop making trouble. But this still impacted the filming. Particularly Ming Dao, who as one of the main actors, shot so many scenes he was probably tired. Hoping to wrap up work and go home early to rest, it’s understandable why he got angry at Guo Guo” she said.

She also issued an apology to the actor who was criticised online and said that this all started because of her oversight. Acknowledging that her daughter still has a lot to learn, she apologised for how her actions may have negatively affected the career of an actor.  “I feel very guilty. I’m sorry. Ming Dao, I’m sorry for filming this clip. I hope you can excuse my shortcomings” she said. She also asked folks to stop commenting on the actions of a dedicated actor.

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