“Light the Night 3” Filming is Complete as Ruby Lin Denies Rumors of a Reshoot

"Light the Night 3" Filming Is Complete Says Ruby Lin Who Denies Rumors of a Reshoot
Photo: Light the Night 華燈初上 / Weibo

With anticipation building for the third and final installment of Light the Night 华灯初上, many were disappointed that it is not part of Netflix’s February lineup. The hit Taiwanese series has been lauded fo its narrative and also boasts an all-star cast down to plentiful cameos.

Given that Part 1 and 2 were released almost consecutively in November and December, people assumed Part 3 would air this month. With the storyline revolving around a mystery set in the red light district of 1980’s Taipei, some viewers wondered if the reason it didn’t air is due to reshoots. Some commented, “Are they secretly reshooting the ending because someone guessed it already?”

In any case, actress Ruby Lin who is not only the star but also a producer of the show easily denied such rumors. In a statement through her agent, she explains that the third season has been completed. She also hopes everyone can wait for an air date to be set.

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