Jackson Wang’s Agency Refutes Rumors About “Spending the Night,” “Roses,” and “Two Beautiful Women”

Jackson Wang's Agency Refutes Rumors About "Spending the Night," "Roses," and "Two Beautiful Women"
Photo: Jackson Wang / Weibo

On February 23, Jackson Wang’s agency RYCE ENTERTAINMENT issued a statement regarding the paparazzi videos alluding to Jackson’s dating life. They say that the videos deliberately distort facts and they have already filed a case with the police.

What Happened?

Yesterday, a paparazzi with the handle Photographer Liu Dachui (摄影刘大锤) had the caption “Jackson Wang Song Yuqi Dating?” in one of their posts. Along with it was footage previously shot in Beijing of (G)I-dle member Song Yuqi getting in and out of cars. They explain that not long after Song Yuqi returned to her hotel, she got into a car again that supposedly took her to Jackson’s house. They then had a shot of Song Yuqi returning to the hotel the next day holding 3 roses. Paparazzi released another clip to say that 15 days later after Yuqi had left for Korea, the same driver picked up two women presumably to go to Jackson’s house.  

Ryce Entertainment Statement

Response from Jackson Wang’s Agency

A day after rumors started spreading online, Jackson Wang’s agency issued a statement. They say that self media “PhotographerLiuDachui” used their artist Mr. Jackson Wang’s influence, continuously posted and patched together video clips, maliciously misled the public by using words such as “spend the night,” “roses,” “two beautiful women,” “dropped off at Jackson Wang’s house,” “won’t say anymore you know it” etc., deliberately misguided netizens to misunderstand Jackson Wang and attract people’s attention for unspeakable purposes. Thereafter, they explain that it’s not surprising at all that friends often come to Jackson’s house for gatherings. They say that this self-media’s actions have infringed on their artist’s privacy and reputation rights. They have already filed a case with the police.

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