Wang Kai Gets Candid About How a Health Scare Changed His Outlook in Life

Wang Kai
Wang Kai Gets Candid About How a Health Scare Changed His Outlook in Life

At first glance, Chinese actor Wang Kai gives off the impression that he has his life all together. With his good looks, solid acting skills and popularity, it’s easy to assume he’d be churning out projects one after the other. But in recent years, Wang Kai seems to have done the complete opposite and slowed down instead. And now, we finally learn the reason why. In a recent interview for China’s People magazine, the actor reveals how a health diagnosis completely changed his entire outlook.

According to the article, the then 35-year-old actor fell ill back in 2017. The incident left a lasting impression, causing him to be more apprehensive and hesitant about things. A month after his father passed away because of lung cancer, the actor was found to have “shadows” in his lungs after a check-up. Fortunately, it turned out to be a nodule which he underwent surgery for. But the actor said it served as the wake-up call for him to reassess his life.

After the incident, Wang Kai said money, fame and fortune were no longer important. Now 39, he said after years of hard work in the entertainment industry that it was time to slow down. He wants to focus on his body and his health which is the most important. Indeed what is the use of fame and fortune if you lose your life?

It’s worth noting here that the actor hasn’t completely withdrawn from showbiz altogether. He’s still finding time to film one or two (or three!) projects a year. When he’s not in front of the cameras however, more often than not he can be found relaxing at home reading books, drinking tea, watching dramas, even playing games occasionally and gardening. Sometimes he also meets up with his friends. Whereas he used to tense up thinking about having to be on top of his game all the time, now he just wants to slow down and not have to be number 1.

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