Song Ji Ah’s Variety Show Appearances Scrapped Following Controversy

Song Ji Ah
Song Ji Ah
Song Ji Ah

South Korean influencer Song Ji Ah’s woes continues. Korean media reports the social media star’s upcoming scenes on the variety show The Manager will be scrapped. Song Ji Ah has recently come under fire for wearing fake designer items on the dating reality show “Single’s Inferno”. Reports also say the influencer will be getting reduced screen time as her scenes on Knowing Brothers will also be pared down significantly.

Although Song Ji Ah or Freezia as she’s also known online already owned up to her mistake and issued an apology, the 25-year-old continues to face more backlash. The popular influencer was scheduled to appear in upcoming episodes of MBC’s The Manager and JTBC’s Knowing Brothers. However, both shows have already issued statements announcing their intentions not to air her scenes.

The Manager in particular confirmed they will be replacing her segment with another guest on the variety show. Knowing Brothers on the other hand said that due to the difficulties of editing her out completely without impacting the flow of conversation with the rest of the cast, they have decided to pare down her air time to the bare minimum.

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