Linda Chung Losing “Best Actress” to Rosina Lam Sparks Discussion

Linda CHung
Linda Chung
Linda Chung wins the Malaysia’s Favourite TVB Actress Award

Linda Chung appears to be a crowd favourite to win Best Actress in this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards for her amazing performance in Kids’ Lives Matter.  So when Rosina Lam’s name was announced instead, many were undoubtedly quite surprised. Some even went so far as to say Linda was cheated out of the Best Actress award. Nonetheless, Linda says she’s not disappointed that the Best Actress Award eventually went home with Rosina Lam.

Despite the upset, Linda was quite positive when fans and media interviewed her outside. “I am very grateful to have been able to participate in this awards ceremony. I don’t know when I will be coming back again and there’s a possibility I’ll never attend an awards ceremony again. I’ve already prepared myself for tonight. I’ve been in the industry for a long time so I know how things go. I expected the results tonight. When I won the Malaysia’s Favourite TVB Actress Award, I already said I didn’t know if there will be another chance for me to be back on stage once again.”

Linda also referred to the nominees as both her colleagues and her friends. “I’ve been in the industry for so long I know just how much effort it takes to get to where we are. Whichever actor wins the award, they worked hard for it. So it really doesn’t matter who wins.

Chen Xiao Congratulates Rosina in a Show of Support

Chen Xiao congratulates friend Rosina Lam

Whilst Linda might not have been disappointed for failing to win the still elusive Best Actress Award, there are those that think Rosina stole the award from Linda and that her winning was the result of an internal decision and not through a fair competition. Meanwhile, Rosina’s Central Academy of Drama school mate Chen Xiao has popped up a post on social media to congratulate his friend.

Classmate Rosina Lam from the 2005 performance department of the Central Academy of Drama, I hear you’ve nabbed it!” he captioned. Chen Xiao even took the time to respond to comments one by one, defending Rosina’s big win from Netizens dissatisfied about it.

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