Jackie Chan Expresses Dismay Over Young Actors Who Don’t Put In the Work

Jackie Chan
Photo: Jackie Chan / Weibo

International superstar Jackie Chan needs no further introduction when it comes to his commitment to honing his craft. Why, the actor has broken practically every bone in his body doing his own stunts. In an interview he recently did for the 40th anniversary of the prestigious Golden Rooster Award, the veteran actor lamented how some young actors don’t put in the work and only want to look good for the public.

Jackie revealed that he often tries to encourage younger actors to work hard, that they’ll be grateful for the hard work they put in today come tomorrow or in a year’s time. He says seeing how some young actors don’t want to suffer through hardship, who don’t want to sweat, who don’t want to hang on steel wires and do anything remotely dangerous sometimes makes him feel helpless. “You want to look good, but you don’t want to work hard, I get angry when I hear this. Are you so worthy of the fact that so many staff members are there to help light you up and to wait on you?

Pointing out how these actors would often come to work late and yet be the earliest to leave the set, Jackie says “they’re so lucky because too many people indulge them”. He also adds sometimes he can’t help but approach the teams of these actors to tell them to respect the crew, and that they mustn’t frequently announce they’re already leaving when they’re on set.

Jackie may not have named any names during his interview, but that certainly didn’t stop Netizens from digging up the young actors he’d worked with in the past to try and determine who he’s referring to.

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