Chen Linong Has Lost Contact with His Father for Years

Chen Linong Has Lost Contact with His Father for Years

At around 3am on January 29, Chen Linong took to social media to say, “Dad, I want to find you. I miss you ​​.” The Taiwanese singer-actor has mentioned before that he is still looking for his dad and hopes he will come back one day.

Chen Linong first entered showbiz through the Chinese survival show Idol Producer in 2018 when he was just 17 years old. He finished in second place to debut as part of the boyband Nine Percent. Back then, he said he wanted to make money so it can be his turn to do things for his mother. His mother also said he’s a very caring child who doesn’t makes a fuss. To his father, he had said, “Dad, no matter where you are, I did it.”

During the show More Than Forever 限定的記憶 in 2019, Chen Linong first revealed that his last phone call with his father was two and a half years ago. He said it felt like hearing his last words. When he tried asking his dad’s whereabouts, his dad responded, “you might not be able to find me.” He admits he still doesn’t know where his dad went and only heard the sound of the sea during their phone call.

Chen Linong who’s now 21 year old has mentioned his father many times in public and many have left him supportive comments. With Chinese New Year fast approaching, Chen Linong reveals he has taken the time to go home and spend time with his mom and family.

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