Annie Chen and George Hu Announce Their Engagement

Annie and Geroge
Chen Tingni George Hu

Congratulations are in order for Annie Chen Tingni and George Hu Yuwei who just confirmed their relationship in a spectacular way – by announcing their engagement! In a super “punny” and adorable post on their respective social media pages, the pair were all smiles as they hammed it up for the camera to show off her new ring. “Twogether” captioned  Nini whilst George wrote “ToGetHer” on his.

Since starring opposite each other twice in 2012’s Love, Now 真愛趁現在 and the 2013 romantic comedy Love Around 真愛黑白配, the pair were quite protective of the blossoming romance between them. Whenever they were photographed together, Nini and George would always be careful to say that they were “just friends”. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, actress Tan Aizhen who played George’s on-screen grandma in Love Around certainly didn’t hold back in revealing some of the couple’s behind the scenes antics.

George Hu with Tan Aizhen
Screen grab of George with Tan Aizhen in Love Around

They often bickered and flirted on set, she shared. “George likes to listen to grandma talking nonsense and telling jokes. Sometimes when the joking becomes too silly, Nini will roll her eyes. I really thought they were a good match!” Tan Aizhen also revealed that the couple would call her up and greet her together for Chinese New Year. Now that they’re finally tying the knot, she said she’s super happy.

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