Yuehua Entertainment Unveils New Girl Group “NAME”

Yuehua Entertainment Unveils New Girl Group "NAME"

Earlier this week, Chinese record label Yuehua Entertainment which is home to groups like UNIQ and Everglow announced that they were introducing a new girl group. Its founder Du Hua along with its many artists like Wang Yibo, Cheng Xiao, Betty Wu Xuanyi and Fan Chengcheng all posted about it on social media.

The group introduced as “NAME” with their logo “N” represents infinite possibilities. The members were unveiled one by one in the past few days and we now have the full lineup. Feng Ruohang, Aria Jin Zihan, Li Jiajia, Li Siyang, Liu Jiaxin, Long Yunzhu and Ouyang Chengxi are the ladies making up the new 7-member group.

Incidentally, I spotted two familiar faces from Youth with You 2. Aria Jin who came very close to debuting was eliminated in 11th place only 2 spots away from the final lineup. Feng Ruoyang was eliminated in 44th place. She had previously debuted as part of the group OYT in 2018. Meanwhile, Li Jiajia, also known as Gaga in Korea, had also previously debuted in 2018 as part of the K-pop group NATURE. Many of the other ladies were supposed to be part of the show What’s Your Name which would’ve featured Yuehua trainees. The show never saw the light of day due to the move to cancel survival reality shows in China.

Nonetheless, it seems we’ve got a new group after all. All the best to NAME!

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