“Thousand Years For You” Stars Allen Ren Jialun and Li Qin in a Xianxia Meets Republican-Era Romance

Qing Jun
Allen Ren Jia Lun in Qing Jun

iQiyi’s upcoming fantasy series Thousand Years For You (Qing Jun) 请君 finally wraps filming this week on December 17 just in time for the holidays. Set mostly during the Republican period, it stars Allen Ren Jialun and Li Qin who, for the first time ever team up to bring us the romance between the thousands of years old god of war Lu Yan and the 24-year-old greedy bandit, Yu Dengdeng.

In case you’re left wondering why some of the stills and BTS photos show the actors in ancient period gear whilst the rest are in Republican costumes, turns out Ren Jialun’s god of war may have fallen into a deep slumber for ten centuries. He finally wakes up in the future to reconnect with Yu Dengdeng who once upon a time was a goddess in her former life since the two are intrinsically linked. It seems their xianxia story from their previous life may cross into their present somehow.

Li Qin in Qing Jun

High Hopes

Qin Jun’s behind the scenes line-up will be helmed by several well-known professionals in the industry starting with director Cheng Wai-Man who himself has a whole slew of popular hits under his belt like The Untamed, Secret of Three Kingdoms, and The Legends just to mention a few. During the drama’s wrap party, the director vowed “whether it’s art, costumes, props or the actors, I will try my best to make them all shine. Only by striving for perfection in all aspects can we bring audiences the very best work, the plot that steals their attention, and one that grips their emotions.”

Thousand Years For You stars Allen Ren Jialun and Li Qin with special appearances by Xiao Shenyang and Leon Lai Yi. The series also stars Chang Long, Chen Xijun, Wu Ming Jing, Song Wen Zuo and Hei Zi.

Here are some scenes from the crew’s wrap party –

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