Jeff Chang in Hot Water for Allegedly Endorsing an Online Gambling Platform

Jeff Chang

Cancel culture appears to have set its sights next on Mandopop singer Jeff Chang. Some C-Netizens demanded a boycott of the singer’s performance in Dragon TV’s New Year’s Eve party tomorrow. Calls for his removal in the network’s performance line up comes at the heels of him being reported for endorsing an online gambling platform which is considered illegal in China.

According to Beijing Business Daily, the singer inked a deal with OB Entertainment last year to become the brand’s newest face. And while the company’s business portfolio consists of multiple interests in broadcasting, entertainment, news media and other fields, it is their interest in online sports-betting that Netizens have a big problem with.

In a statement released through his agency, Jeff Chang said the relationship with OB Entertainment has already been terminated effective March of this year. According to the singer, his contractual obligations as the company’s brand ambassador only applies specifically to promotional activities limited to the Philippines. There never was any agreement with OB that the promotional materials he shot would also be released in China. Moreover, the singer also emphasised that the endorsement contract only applies to cultural and entertainment content, never gambling.

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