An Extra from the Show “Marvelous Women” Claims the Cat Was Drugged Several Times

Marvelous Women
Marvelous Women actor
Photos: Yu Zheng and Li Zhonghe who was an extra on Marvelous Women / Weibo

More cat related drama has befallen the Yu Zheng produced series Marvelous Women. Last week, Netizens put the heat on the show’s producers after a scene of a poisoned cat dying sparked concerns that the cat was really dead. Although the show was quick to reassure everyone that filming was done under professional supervision and the cat is fine, many were still doubtful.

Marvelous Woman Forwards the Case to the Cops

According to the show, the blood on the cat named Mimi was just edible plasma and syrup, and that her realistic leg jerks were easily achieved by pulling a rope. However, that was recently contested when a Netizen who claimed to be an extra for the show piped up to reveal that electrically shocking the cat was how they actually achieved her leg jerks.  

Following the Netizen’s post, Marvelous Women released two updates last Monday. First, the show stressed that the “cat was not killed nor was it injured during the filming and that it was in fact alive and well”.  Openly calling out and identifying the Netizen for his/her defamatory statements, the show requested everyone to refrain from further spreading false rumours. Moreover, they also informed everyone that they’ve already forwarded the case for investigation to the police.

Next, the show uploaded a clip of Mimi with her owner to prove that she is alive which they captioned “Good News! Mimi’s home”. When Mimi’s owner was interviewed last week, the owner revealed that Mimi hasn’t been home in a couple of days and explained her cats were free to roam around as they pleased.

Following this, the Netizen has since retracted his/her statement especially after the show said it will be holding him/her culpable for the defamatory statements. The Netizen said his statement was just a rumour and also apologised to the crew.

Marvelous Women shared a new clip of Mimi safely with her owner.
Marvelous Women shared a new clip of Mimi safely with her owner.

Not Electrocuted But Drugged?

Nonetheless, another Netizen with the Weibo handle Li Zhonghe up (李中贺up) came forward yesterday to say that he was on scene when they were filming the bit when the poisoned cat died on the show.

Posting a video to talk about the incident, Li Zhonghe up said he was a show extra and described how the crew gave the cat four or five shots of something which he guesses was anaesthetic although he was unsure of the dosage. He said that when he left at around six o’ clock that evening, the cat was still alive. He also confirmed Mimi’s legs were being pulled using a fishing line.

Meanwhile, Netizens concerned for the cat’s safety are asking for the behind the scenes footage. Due to the issue, producer Yu Zheng trended. He shared the explanations from Marvelous Women on his social media page but has not personally made any comments.

Li Zhonghe (on the left wearing grey) said he “wasn’t afraid of anyone” and that he’s willing to shoulder the legal responsibility if they prove that he lied.
Li Zhonghe again in grey

Update as of Jan 24, 2022:

Zhejiang Dongyang Police issued a statement on their investigation to reveal that there is no truth to the rumors that a cat died due filming. At present, a certain Liu *guo who falsified facts and disturbed public order has been detained. A certain Li *long who is suspected of fraud and Liu *si who is suspected of instigating quarrels have been arrested according to law.

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