Alan Tam Back on Social Media, Posts from Man Who Accused Him of Sleeping with a Fan Are Gone

Alan Tam Back on Social Media, Man Who Accused Him of Sleeping with a Fan Deleted His Posts

It looks like things have gone back to normal for the 71-year-old Hong Kong singer-actor Alan Tam after accusations that he had an affair with a 23-year-old Chinese fan. A man with the handle Sad Beef Noodle__ (悲伤牛肉面__) who claimed to be the fan’s boyfriend took to Weibo with a series of posts about how he found out his girlfriend was cheating.

Alan’s agency Entertainment Impact released a statement to deny the accusations and express their intention to take legal action. The netizen wasn’t deterred and even posted photos of someone’s back (presumed to be Alan) which was later deleted. Nonetheless, the netizen said that he will take legal responsibility for what he said and intends to take things to the end. However, there were no more follow up posts.

Alan Tam is married to Sally Yeung and has a son with his current partner Wendy Chu. As the controversy drew attention, there was speculation that Alan Tam might be removed from the music program Time Concert 时光音乐会 due to him barely being seen in the teaser. It can be remembered that singer Huo Zun and pianist Li Yundi saw their scenes removed from the show Call Me By Fire following their respective scandals. However, Time Concert aired with Alan Tam’s scenes intact.

alan tam signing autographs

On November 30, Alan Tam was back on social media with photos of him signing autographs. He made no mention of the incident and simply talked about his show. He writes, “Time Concert is a comfortable music program, every time we shoot, it brings us many different memories.” Meanwhile, posts can no longer be seen on his accuser Sad Beef Noodle’s Weibo page.

sad beef noodle weibo page
Photo: Sad Beef Noodle Weibo Page

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