Zhou Jieqiong Blasted for An Old Video Where She Said “She Forgets She’s Chinese Sometimes,” Her Studio Quickly Clarifies

Zhou Jieqiong

Trouble is brewing for former I.O.I / PRISTIN member, Zhou Jieqiong or Kyulkyung as she is known in South Korea, after videos of what Netizens claim of her making unpatriotic statements in a 2018 radio interview resurfaced recently. Three years ago, the singer-actress was a featured guest in host Jee Seok-jin’s Two O’ Clock Date when he asked her whether it’s true she forgets she’s Chinese sometimes. Jieqiong replied in the affirmative saying “Yes I do, I’ve been living in Korea for 8 years. But there are times when I don’t understand something about Korean culture and I suddenly realise I’m Chinese so it’s normal not to know.”

Who knew her statement will come back to bite her in the future? Responding to the accusations that she’s unpatriotic, Zhou Jieqiong’s Studio immediately issued a statement to point out that the interview was taken out of context and that the videos circulating online were heavily cut and edited to put her in a very bad light. They emphasised that Zhou Jieqiong has “always loved the motherland and that she never forgot who she was”. Furthermore, Jieqiong has always proudly proclaimed her nationality even whilst practising overseas and also promoted traditional Chinese instruments.

Zhou Jieqiong Studio

To those that continue to stir up trouble for their artist, her Studio said that persons involved in this smear campaign have seriously infringed on her reputation and name, demanding they stop doing so and to retract their false statements. Moreover, Zhou Jieqiong Studio also said they have entrusted a lawyer with the full authority to collect evidence against those responsible.

Supporters of the singer-actress meanwhile helped to set the record straight, circulating the complete footage of the interview to ensure everyone gets the full picture.

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