Raymond Lam Too Over the Top “Shouty” for His Character in “Star of Ocean”?

Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam is currently starring in the 90s workplace drama Star of Ocean 星辰大海 with Liu Tao. With a pretty serious storyline– climbing up the corporate ladder to establish a booming multinational company post 1998 financial crisis is no walk in the park clearly, Raymond Lam’s “shouty” portrayal of Lin Heng Zhi is providing some accidental comedic relief in an otherwise dramatic theme.

Steve Ma from the 1993 Taiwanese drama Plum Blossom Scar

Remember Taiwanese actor Steve Ma who became famous for his “pao xiao wang” (translates to roaring emperor)? Netizens have jokingly likened Raymond’s acting to Steve Ma’s intensity for all the times he spoke with a snarly voice and his constant screaming that a vein almost always pops out on his temples. “Is Raymond Lam possessed by Steve Ma Jingtao?” commented Netizens. When asked about this, Raymond denied that he is a “pao xiao wang” although he did say that because he’s been under a lot of pressure lately after encountering a lot of personal setbacks, his emotions probably translated far more than he thought what with his too emotional outbursts in the scenes.

Raymond Lam
Raymond Lam in Star of Ocean

Star of Ocean tells the story of a young orphaned country girl played by Liu Tao who moves to the city to make her fortune. As foreign trade becomes increasingly important in the Chinese economy, Liu Tao’s character Jian Ai fights her way through challenges that will eventually see her rise to the very top to become the boss of her own multinational company. In contrast, Raymond Lam plays Fang Hengzhi. The son of a wealthy family, he goes to Guangzhou to make it on his own and expand the family business.

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