“Out of the Dream” Music Producer Apologises for Copying Music from Thai Series “I Told Sunset About You”

Out of the Dream
Posters from Out of the Dream / Weibo

Romance series Out of the Dream 梦见狮子 is the latest subject of plagiarism allegations after Netizens caught on to the similarities between its background melody to that of Phuket Love Beat from Thai drama I Told Sunset About You. An analysis undertaken by a Netizen between the two original scores show that the compositions were fairly similar. And as photos of the completed audio comparison show, both works shared multiple overlaps with each other. This has led Netizens to accuse the drama of copying the music from the Thai BL series.

Comparison made by Netizen
Audio comparison made by a Netizen comparing the two scores

On November 2, Out of the Dream’s music producer An Xin issued a statement to admit to “borrowing” the melody from I Told Sunset About You. “I sincerely apologise to the composer and fans of the original music score. At present, this part of the music has already been modified and immediately uploaded”. The producer also asked viewers not to let his mistake overshadow their support and love for the show which is a result of  the entire crew and actor’s hard work. Likewise, the drama also issued an apology: “the crew of Out of the Dream hereby apologise sincerely, and we will never tolerate infringements. At present, all the clips involving the soundtrack in the film have been replaced. Thank you for your attention.”

Out of the Dream is the drama adaptation of novelist Xiao Hu Ru Wei’s novel of the same name and stars Yao Chi and Chen Yusi. Set in the world of the arts, this is a story about second chances between a young Peking opera singer and a stage play producer as they rekindle their romance the second time around.

Apology from Out of the Dream producer
Apology from Out of the Dream’s music producer An Xin

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