Kim Jong-Kook Hits Back on Doping Speculations

Kim Jong-Kook with his lawyer Park Min-Cheol discussing defamation

South Korean entertainer Kim Jong-Kook seeks to put an end to doping rumours after a Canadian fitness Youtuber suggested he may be taking steroids to maintain his physique. Sharing a 20 minute video on his bodybuilding Youtube channel “Gym Jong Kook”, the star warned he will be taking legal action against anyone who continues to spread false information about him taking HRT (hormone replacement).

Kim Jong-Kook said that being a celebrity for 27 years, he takes pride in being able to touch people with his music and the ability to bring joy and happiness to the public. And part of being a celebrity also means having to endure criticism and hate comments from people who are living much hard lives than he is. This is the reason why he has always held his head down. However, the recent allegations have crossed a line, which is why he says people need to be informed about the kind of legal trouble they might face after spreading false rumours and hateful comments.

Kim Jong-Kook also demanded for a sincere apology from the fitness Youtuber who was the cause of all the controversy. “As a human being, a man and a fitness lover, I want to give you a chance to admit your mistakes and apologise.” The star also added that once they get the results, they’ll definitely prove the Youtuber was lying.

Prior to releasing his most recent video on November 18, Kim Jong-Kook uploaded a video of him getting tested and publicly showed the results to prove his case.

After the star’s latest upload on Thursday (November 18), the Youtube videos accusing him of taking steroids have all been taken down.

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