Kim Jin Han and Zhang Zhixi Break Up After 1 Year

Kim Jin Han and Zhang Zhixi Break Up After Less Than 1 Year

Celebrity couple Kim Jin Han and Zhang Zhixi who first went public with their relationship in October of 2020 after being spotted together by paparazzi have now revealed that they’ve ended their relationship.

Zhang Zhixi wrote on social media, “Thank you for everyone’s concern, I’ve been single for a while now, saying this because I don’t want everyone to keep on misunderstanding, accepting the future with good will.” Shortly, Jin Han also took to social media and said, “I am grateful for this journey and wish us all a good future. Thank you all for your concern.” Incidentally, their comments sections are full of blessings from their respective fans who are happy that they’re single again. Some even said, “Keep your eyes wide open next time (be vigilant).”

Earlier this year, Zhang Zhixi suddenly took to social media to accuse Jin Han of being a cheating scum. She claims that during the time when her grandma died, Jin Han was looking for female escorts and even posted screenshots of their chat. Hours later, Zhang Zhixi deleted her post and apologized. She says there was no cheating and it was just a misunderstanding. Nonetheless, netizens still choose to believe what they believe as the story broke.

It seemed that all was well in June when paparazzi photographed the two again with each other’s parents. It’s only been a few months since then but it appears the two have really called it quits. The two stars are back with the respective dramas recently with Jin Han staring in Jun Jiu Ling and Zhang Zhixi starring in Bright as the Moon.

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