Ada Choi Gets Her Cheeky “Revenge” 10 Years After “Legend Of Zhen Huan” First Aired


Empress Yixiu gets her revenge after all! Hard to believe so much time has passed since The Legend of Zhen Huan 后宫·甄嬛传 first hit the small screens. But here we are, already celebrating the palace drama’s 10th anniversary on November 17. Whether you’re a fan of all the backstabbing and intrigues happening behind palace doors in this 76 episode series (eeek!) or not, it sure went a long way to propel the careers of several of its cast like Sun Li who played Zhen Huan, Tao Xinran and Sun Li’s TV enemy Ada Choi who plays Empress Yixiu to greater heights.

For its 10th anniversary, lots of fans shared some of their fond memories of the show on social media. Ada Choi also jumped on the bandwagon, posting a cheeky little clip of her “taking revenge” on the Emperor Yongzheng after her downfall. Panning over to her laptop where the scene of the Emperor lay dying on his deathbed was streaming, Ada proceeded to flick her finger on Yongzheng’s forehead … after which he proceeds to drop dead. “It’s not too late for the Empress to take revenge after 10 years! I’ve waited long enough!” she captioned.

The Legend of Zhen Huan

*lol* Totally in character don’t you think, after all Yixiu wasn’t exactly known for her kindness and warmth. Her cruelty and cunning was in fact legendary to ensure all her enemies were eliminated. Nonetheless, that’s quite a hilarious tribute from Ada.

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