WayV’s Ten Joins “Street Dance of China 4” as a Special Judge

WayV's Ten Joins "Street Dance of China 4" as a Guest Judge

If you’re one of those hoping to see WayV member Ten (Li Yongqin) on Street Dance of China S4 这就是街舞4, then you’re in luck. It was just announced by streaming site Youku that the K-pop idol will be joining the show tonight, October 25 19:30, as a judge for the SDC4 repechage that will allow eliminated contestants a chance at revival.

I remember reading about Ten possibly joining as a captain even before the show even started though that obviously didn’t happen, but I love that the showrunners know just what it is that viewers want. Ten is expected to join current captains Han Geng, Henry Lau, EXO’s Zhang Yixing Lay and UNIQ’s Wang Yibo. It’s really a SM Entertainment reunion considering the background of most of them. That aside, the show’s whole concept is to bring together people from all over the world through dance, so the potential to see some very lit performances is a huge draw.

#Ten_StreetDanceofChinaS4 trended as high as #3 worldwide on Twitter. Ten who’s from a Thai-Chinese family had left a video message in Mandarin and a caption on Weibo, “I’m coming!😆 Tonight #StreetDanceofChina4Repechage# Be there or be square.”

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