Vivian Hsu Plays Matchmaker for Her Fitness Trainer But His 10 Criteria is Too Tough

Vivian Hsu
Vivian Hsu plays cupid

Is Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu a matchmaker now? Not really. But while the actress isn’t contemplating a career change any time soon, she’s hoping to play cupid to her 29-year-old fitness trainer Joe by popping up some “specifications” of his ideal woman. Who knows, Joe’s THE ONE might just be hiding amongst Vivian’s 1.4 million followers on Instagram and over 2 million followers on Facebook.

Vivian listed 10 of her trainer’s criterias for his ideal mate, and I dunno about you, but these sound really really specific. Netizens have jokingly said he might have better luck finding a male partner with his very particular requirements. Others have said it’s hard to find a woman that meets it all so he’ll probably remain single. Nonetheless, if you think Joe’s ideal woman sounds a lot like you .. Vivian also kindly included his account so people can slide him a DM. *lol*

  1. Eats a light diet
  2. Does not love starch
  3. Follows the “168” fasting diet (the pace of life can be the same)
  4. Ideal height must not be less than 168 cm (but can get rid of this for true love)
  5. Cheerful, enthusiastic and sunny personality. Always smiling. Character and values are correct.
  6. Must love sports and not gluttonous
  7. Hardworking and disciplined. Must not be lazy
  8. Motivated and works hard. Must be ambitious
  9. Filial and must love pets
  10. Must be from a different profession

Vivian did say however that if they were really meant for each other, she personally things all these ultimately wouldn’t matter.

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