Shen Xiaoting’s Ranking Changes Drastically in “Girls Planet 999” as the Top 9 Are Revealed

Shen Xiaoting Loses Top Spot in "Girls Planet 999" as Top 9 Are Revealed
Photo: 18 finalists before the finale / Mnet I Girls Planet 999

Survival show Girls Planet 999 created by South Korean network Mnet had an ambitious goal of bringing together idol hopefuls from South Korea, Japan and China. While the show has had lackluster ratings in Korea, it’s found an international audience online. On October 22, the final 9 members debuting as the new girl group Kep1er have been revealed.

  1. Kim Chae Hyun – 1,081,182 points
  2. Huening Bahiyyih – 923,567
  3. Choi Yu Jin – 915,772
  4. Kim Da Yeon – 885,286
  5. Seo Young Eun – 781,657
  6. Kang Ye Seo – 770,561
  7. Ezaki Hikaru – 713,322
  8. Sakamoto Mashiro – 708,149
  9. Shen Xiao Ting – 700,663

Before the finale, viewers were shocked that the latest rankings only had three Korean members in the top nine, which if it stayed true till the end might make history as the K-pop group with the least Korean members. A new voting system was put in place for the finale, and the numbers have indeed seen a huge shakeup.

Previously in Chuang 2020 as a contestant, Shen Xiaoting shines on Girls Planet 999 placing 1st multiple times and staying in the top 3, yet she barely made the cut in 9th. She is also the only Chinese member in a group that has 2 Japanese members and 6 Korean members. Huening Bahiyyih becomes a dark horse jumping from 13th in previous rankings to 2nd. Kawaguchi Yurina who was consistently in the top nine and has even placed 1st sadly did not make the cut. #Yurina trended as high as #2 worldwide on Twitter, just behind #GirlsPlanet999 at #1. While it’s been a night of shakeups, Choi Yujin who has been a strong contender on the show places in 4th. This marks Yujin’s second debut as she is also a member of the girl group CLC.

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