Joe Chen Remembers Late Actor Kimi Qiao on His Birthday

October 15 would have been Chinese singer-actor Kimi Qiao Renliang’s 34th birthday. Five years after his death, his longtime friend Joe Chen once again pays tribute to Kimi as she shared a photo they took while filming the 2016 drama Stay with Me 放弃我,抓紧我, remembered his warmth and also said happy birthday to him.

Translation of Joe Chen’s post:

While filming Stay with Me, one day, you came to my RV to find me and gave me a pair of the newest sunglasses. I said that the style is a bit too fancy, but we still took a photo together.

You always think about giving me a share of everything. Even when you came to set early and discovered that the pork liver noodles at an alley is very delicious, you would take my share togo. Not just me, you would give my assistant, my makeup artist, hairstylist and also my driver a share. You are such a warmhearted person.

You’ve been gone for five years. Time will always allow people to speak easily. Simple and direct, the words that flashed through my mind.

Sometimes I think of you, don’t know where you are, can you really come back and see us. This universe is as mysterious as the people who have left, and when I think of you, I don’t feel sad anymore. What should be remembered of people is the warmth that was given when in existence.

Happy birthday, my friend from afar. We will get together again.

Joe Chen Remembers Late Actor Kimi Qiao

Kimi Qiao passed away at age 28 in his home on September 16, 2016. It was reported that he committed suicide after years of battling depression. Every year since then, Joe Chen would share a photo of a pink sky on Kimi Qiao’s death anniversary. There would be no words except a consistent angel emoji.

Many are deeply touched by the friendship between the two and also left messages in memory of the actor.

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