iQIYI, Tencent and Youku Cancel Option to Fast Track Episodes

iQIYI, Tencent and Youku Cancel Option to Fast Track Episodes
Statements from iQIYI, Tencent and Youku / via Weibo

The three major streaming platforms in China have cancelled fast track for dramas. It can be remembered that back in 2019, Tencent Video suddenly rolled out a new service to its VIP members essentially allowing them to pay in order to watch The Untamed finale in advance. While it would seem like a fair deal for those willing to pay to avoid waiting for episodes to be released, many netizens thought it was “money-grubbing” since VIP members who are already paying for VIP content have to pay again for the option to watch even more episodes. Some were also concerned over consequences like the ending being spoiled online or views being affected. Nonetheless, this soon became the new norm after being adopted by other streaming sites like iQIYI and Youku. The fast track option allowed VIP members to pay more to unlock certain episodes in advance.

The contention over such a service never ended and it seems that a decision has been reached two years later. On October 4, iQIYI announced to their VIP members, “Starting today, iQIYI will officially cancel the fast track ordering of episodes and at the same time cancel the promotional content that members can see. Thank you for your continued support, and hope that every user can have a better experience. Have a nice holiday.” Tencent and Youku subsequently released similar statements to cancel their fast track option.

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