Internet Celebrity Catches Flak Due to a Photo of a Luxury Box of Mooncakes from Louis Vuitton

Sherry LV
Sherry Yuan Manxuan and the LV mooncakes
Sherry Yuan Manxuan and the PR gift from Louis Vuitton

Taiwanese internet celebrity Sherry Yuan Manxuan’s plans to dazzle folks with her “gifted” mooncakes from French luxury giant Louis Vuitton appears to have backfired after Netizens pointed out the photo was in fact lifted from Chinese social media and e-commerce platform Xiaohongshu.

This being mooncake season, the social media influencer shared a gorgeous shot of her LV goodies, captioning it “received LV’s 2021 mid-autumn mooncakes. Let me get a whiff of it for everyone”. However, the photo she posted is completely identical to the one that’s been uploaded by a user with the handle 大萱EMME on Xiaohongshu a few weeks earlier. When Netizens confronted her about it, Sherry admitted that it was indeed taken from the site. Luckily, having her content “borrowed” sans consent didn’t appear to bother the original poster as 大萱EMME wrote “it’s okay” after Netizens started tagging her in the post.

Meanwhile, the situation also gave rise to comments asking the internet celeb if she didn’t actually receive a PR box from Louis Vuitton. “That’s embarrassing. Don’t steal other’s photos if you didn’t receive one yourself” said one Netizen whilst another said “don’t even think about stealing pictures. Everyone’s eyes are quite sharp“. Nonetheless, it appears Sherry did indeed get a PR box herself as later revealed in another photo she posted .. it’s just that maybe 大萱EMME’s photography skills and composition are much better?

Convo between Sherry Yuan Manxuan and the content owner
“It’s OK” says Emme after Sherry Yuan Manxuan wrote that she’s also a fan and that her photos weren’t great that’s why she used Emme’s. She also added that her own photos are posted on the e-commerce site and that she’ll delete Emme’s photos if she (Emme) will not allow her to use them.

It is reported that Sherry relies on her vlogging income to pay for her legal fees now that she and business mogul ex-husband Pierre are locked in a custody battle for their two children after ending their five year marriage earlier in the year. The pair met in 2016 whilst traveling around Southeast Asia and were married just four months after a whirlwind courtship.

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