Veteran Actor Chen Daoming Blasts “Traffic Stars”

Chen Daoming

Chen Daoming
Chen Daoming attending a symposium in Beijing

These so-called stars, they are not from the artistic and literary world, they’re from high traffic 流量 circles. These “plastic” actors are hyped about purely based on their “packaging”. Although they are also active in this industry, their presence has affected the integrity and honour of many outstanding creators”. Harsh words from veteran actor Chen Daoming who in a recent literature and art symposium bluntly talked about how liu liang 流量 celebs or high traffic stars just about ruined the essence and spirit of the entertainment industry.

Liu liang celebrities are considered to be extremely bankable stars these days since the huge number of clicks their popularity brings translates to big bucks commercially. But clearly it looks like Chen Daoming is not a fan since his comments seem to imply that perhaps high traffic stars have little or next to no substance at all when set against more “traditional” artists. From his standpoint, an artist’s acting skills is of paramount importance and is second to none, which is why he says he looks down on many directors who choose to work on costumed dramas thinking that these directors don’t really value the actor’s skills and whose appreciation of the arts is merely superficial.

Chen Daoming as the Qing Emperor in Joy of Life

Chen Daoming recently appeared in a couple of costumed dramas, most recently taking on the role of the Emperor in the popular hit Joy of Life. His comments have drawn mixed reactions from netizens.

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