Stephen Chow Rumoured to be Threatening a Lawsuit Against Ukei for Violating Confidentiality Agreement ?

Stephen Chow Suing the Woman He's Rumoured to be Dating?

Hong Kong media reports that might be so as the 59-year-old star has reportedly sent a lawyer’s notice demanding all the photos she took on a boat be taken down from social media or else face legal repercussions from violating the confidentiality agreement she allegedly signed.

Last month, sightings of filmmaker and actor Stephen Chow hanging out on his yacht with a woman named Ukei Cheung sparked a frenzy of dating rumours between the pair.  At the time, Stephen’s camp quickly put an end to the rumours, claiming that it was just a fun outing amongst a group of people and that they barely knew each other. Moreover, to further safeguard his privacy, Stephen’s lawyer reportedly also sent her a notice to immediately delete selfies she supposedly took from his yacht.

Stephen Chow Rumoured GF Ukei poses on a Yacht last August

The famously private actor is said to have a set of rules to keep his personal life out of the public eye. For example, Stephen Chow refuses to be photographed and his voice recorded in other’s company. Likewise, further ensuring his privacy won’t be violated, Ukei and the rest of folks who boarded the actor’s yacht were said to have signed a confidentiality agreement prohibiting them from taking photos whilst onboard or from showing it in the background. However, a glance at Ukei’s Instagram grid shows multiple photos on Instagram of the former Miss Hong Kong hopeful posing on a boat. If any of them were taken on Stephen’s boat, that would be in breach and she might find herself facing legal action not to mention legal fees and expenses incurred from the star.

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