S.H.E. Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary

S.H.E. Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary

Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and and Ella Chen each shared old photos on social media to celebrate 20 years since their debut as the Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. on September 11, 2001. Selina and Hebe are both in their late 30’s while Ella recently turned 40. To this day, the ladies are considered to be one of the most successful Mandopop groups. The trio officially left their longtime label HIM International Music in 2018 after choosing not to renew their contract. Although they did not have anything specifically planned for their anniversary as they’ve done so in the past, the three whose friendship has remained strong over the years left thoughtful messages on their special day.

Selina wrote: “No one knows the meaning of S.H.E☘️ better than us. Twenty years ago, we held each other’s hands, chased our dreams together, and worked hard together. Twenty years later, we are busy picking up fruits that carry different flavors of life with one hand and not forgetting to hold tightly with the other hand. In these moments without rest, we peacefully enjoy the days that belong to us, Very happy ❤️ My sisters~I love you ❤️It’s nice to have you in life.🥰”

Hebe wrote: “Thankful that we’ve kept each other company all the way, for the silly love, fervent enthusiasm, squandering youth, loud laughters, bravely chasing dreams, the tight hugs, being heartbroken and desperate, knowing restraint, learning to let go, knowing how to cherish, being honest, and still daring to love. Wish for us to always be gentle, loving and humorous. Happy 20th Anniversary! @selinanahaha @him_ella0618 I love you.❤️”

Ella wrote: “20 years old, cheers! To all the Clovers (S.H.E. fandom name), thank you. Wind, sand and stars, always with you (a line from their song Far Away 遠方).”

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