Mike He Apologises for His Insensitive Comment Regarding Wanting a Son but Not a Daughter

Mike He
Mike He

Taiwanese actor Mike He is in quite a bind lately after an old interview of him saying “if his third child is a boy, then he wants it. If it is a girl, he probably won’t want it anymore” surfaced recently. After catching a lot of flak from Chinese Netizens regarding his insensitive comments, the father of two issued an apology on September 26 and also took the opportunity to explain what he meant when he made that remark.

Mike's controversial itnerview
the actor’s controversial interview where he said “if it’s really a girl, then we most probably won’t want to have it “

In his statement, Mike wrote: “today, I saw an interview on Taiwanese media that I made whilst promoting my  drama last year. The reporter asked me whether or not I wanted my third child to be a boy. I apologise to you for any misconceptions arising from the statements I carelessly blurted out without consideration. But that’s not what I really meant.

What I meant to say was that my wife had already given birth to two daughters for me. I am very grateful. At the time, talking about having a third child was purely hypothetical. If such a possibility arises, if my wife has to work hard one more time, myself and my wife really hope that we’ll have both girls and boys. Our two daughters too on the other hand are hoping for a baby brother. In this situation, having a boy is of course the perfect scenario, however both men and women are definitely equal. I love my family very much, I love my two daughters. I devote most of my time nowadays in being present as they grow older. I don’t want to miss out on anything. Once again, I apologise for any distress caused by my insensitive remarks.”

Mike He’s super adorable kids posing for Halloween last year.

In 2017, Mike He Junxiang surprised everyone with the news that he married his non-showbiz high school sweetheart and that his wife had already given birth to their baby daughter. In August of last year, the notoriously private actor once again kept the news of his wife’s pregnancy a secret and it wasn’t until he posted about it on social media that people found out that their little family of three has already grown when they welcomed their second daughter.

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