Johnny Huang Jingyu Lends Fan a Helping Hand to Pass Her Exam

Johnny Huang Jingyu

With all the negative press surrounding fans and their fave celebs these days – enough for the government to have finally drawn a line to clean up the toxic culture, it sure is nice to read about the uplifting and sweet interactions between a celebrity and a fan every once in a while. In this case, a fan of My Dear Guardian actor Johnny Huang Jingyu with the online handle diedieagain landed on the trending list after the actor replied to a handwritten letter she’d shared thanking him for his help.

Previously, Johnny’s fan had messaged the actor in the hopes that he’d be able to help her retrieve the direct messaging box she had with him that she’d accidentally deleted. What’s so special about it that she had to ask the actor’s help? It appears diedieagain had also used the direct message chat box with Johnny to store some of her review materials and information for her post-graduate entrance exam. After trying everything to salvage the information, she’d messaged him as a last resort but didn’t quite expect that he’d actually message back forwarding all the important information she’d been so desperate to recover!

Johnny Huang Jingyu sweetly responds to his fan

But wait …. the tale picks up again recently with an even better ending. For any fan, nothing trumps the feeling of excitement and joy from receiving a personal response from their fave star. But when you find out you also passed the entrance exam with a wee bit of help from your fave actor, the achievement is all the more sweeter. A grateful diedieagain wrote Johnny a sweet handwritten letter to express her thanks and to share the fantastic news. Johnny actually wrote back with a lovely message to cheer her on. You helped demonstrate that luck is inseparable from hard work. Best of luck to our top students!” commented the actor after his grateful fan tagged him in her post. I’m sure he totally made her entire year with his “assist” and with his words of encouragement.

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