Former TVB Actor Sammul Chan Warns Against Scammers Using His Name to Ask for Money

Sammul Chan

Former TVB actor Sammul Chan is rarely in the public eye these days. After doctors diagnosed him with a genetic cerebrovascular disease three years ago, the Hong Kong star gradually pulled back from showbiz and switched careers to become a dive instructor. Recently, he took to Instagram to warn people off from scammers impersonating him.

There are quite a number of Facebook and Instagram accounts pretending to be me in the past six months, asking for donations whilst privately chatting fans up. I want to say that I do not send private messages to people (unless we know each other personally) to just have a chat and definitely not if there’s any monetary transaction involved” warned the actor. Sammul also added that if someone or an account claiming to be Sammul Chan chats you up, he should be able to prove himself that he is indeed Sammul. Likewise, he also stressed that he would never ask for personal information nor would he solicit money from anybody.

A few months ago, Sammul promoted his new movie adapted from The Investiture of the Gods entitled The First Myth: Clash of Gods 封神榜:决战万仙阵. Later, he was thrust into the spotlight when a Netizen alleged that Sammul was the coach of a man that drowned while taking lessons. Neither Sammul nor his agent had commented on the reports by HK Media. Apart from this, the former actor has pretty much been quietly living out of the spotlight following his decision to step away from his showbiz career until recently, when he took to social media to warn against scammers.

Sammul Chan Kin-fung first got his feet wet in the entertainment scene as a radio DJ before transitioning as an actor for TVB in 1999. If you’re familiar with Hong Kong classics, you might’ve seen him in the police series E.U. (aka Emergency Unit) together with Ron Ng amongst a slew of other dramas under the TVB banner. In 2010, Sammul left TVB to pursue a career in China where he notably landed the lead role of Jiang Ziya in the 2014 hit series The Investiture of the Gods 封神英雄榜 and its sequel.

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