Anita Mui Remembered in a New Biographical Flick

Louise Wong as Anita Mui in Rouge Button
Louise Wong as Anita Mui in Rouge Button

Asia’s canto-pop queen Anita Mui is being honoured with a brand new self-titled biopic “Anita” to be released officially this November. The brilliant vocalist and entertainer passed away after battling cervical cancer back in 2003. Often dubbed as the “Asian Madonna”, many fans remember the canto-pop diva’s sensational performances and innovative costumes which served to pave the way for female singers and girl groups in the region.

After three years of searching for the perfect Anita, Hong Kong model Louise Wong who incidentally makes her acting debut in the biopic has been chosen to resurrect the beloved superstar onscreen. That’s a lot of pressure on the 31-year-old’s shoulder, this being her acting debut AND having to play the legendary Anita Mui no less. But no worries, judging from the posters and trailers released by film, Louise appears to be able hold her own.

To become Anita, the model turned actress is said to have undergone in-depth training to properly portray her role. She is adamant however that she is way out of the canto-pop diva’s league. “Although I am not Anita Mui, I hope to do my best as a sign of respect to her” she said. The five special edition posters released by the film as an added teaser also sees Louise replicating Anita Mui’s iconic posters which include Rouge Button, Bad Girl, Leap the Stage, Flaming Red Lips and The Years Flow Like Water.

Anita Mui
 Leap The Stage
Anita poster
Anita Poster

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