“An Le Zhuan” Cast Wishes Everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn with Brand New Stills!

An Le Zhuan
An LE Zhuan

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everybody! Before you sit down to attack that mid-autumn feast, the cast of An Le Zhuan 安乐传 prepared a little something as an added mid-autumn treat for you. Now we all know how the Dilraba Dilmurat and Simon Gong led drama has been plagued by numerous leaks of unauthorised photos and daipai disruptions on set. This being the first collaboration between the pair, it’s understandable why fans can’t get enough of the two actors. But with so little breadcrumbs to satisfy fans – they only released stills for the Qixi Festival last month, a whole new set of official stills as a sort of visual mooncake to keep fans happy sounds like the perfect mid-autumn bonus!

And so without further ado, here’s that mid-autumn treat from the An Le Zhuan cast to sink your teeth into. We also get a first look at the supporting cast of Liu Yuning, Xia Nan, Pei Zitian, Chen Kexiao and more. The historical drama follows the titular heroine An Le who is out to clear her family’s name and her romance with crown prince Han Ye.

Dilraba Dilmurat in An Le
Simon Gong Jun in An Le ZHuan
Simon Gong Jun as Han Ye
Liu Yuning in An Le Zhuan
Liu Yuning as Luo Mingxi
Xia Nan as An Ning
Pei Zitian as Mo Bei
Chen Kexiao as Wen Shuo
Li Shuting as Di Chengen
Wang Yiting as Lin Lang
Long Shuiting as Yuan Shu
Shang Xinyue as Yuan Qin
An Le Zhuan
Qin Xiaoxuan as Mu Qing
An Le Zhuang
Angela Bai Bingke as Mo Shuang

Relish the joys the world has to offer, whether it be cloudy or sunny, may we all celebrate mid-autumn each year” captioned the series.

Wishing those of you who celebrate a Happy Mid-Autumn! Enjoy a mooncake for us!

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