Actress Seo Yi Sook Hit By Death Hoax Twice

Actress Seo Yi Sook Hit By Death Hoax Twice
Photo: seoyisook / Instagram

The 54-year-old veteran actress Seo Yi Sook has starred in many K-dramas over the years such as Hotel Del Luna and most recently, Start-Up. On September 20, an alleged “exclusive report” that the South Korean actress has died due to heart failure was posted in an online forum. The report did not have a byline nor a proper news source.

The fake news drew attention which caused Seo Yi Sook’s agency to release a statement to say that they will not condone the spreading of rumors and intend to take legal action. Her agency also stated that it’s already the second time Seo Yi Sook became the victim of false reports about her death as something similar happened in July.

When asked by the media in a phone interview, Seo Yi Sook said: “I’m still alive!… I’m really curious why this is happening.” On her Instagram account today, Seo Yi Sook wished everyone a nice holiday and lots of delicious food. It’s Chuseok in Korea which is equivalent to Mid-Autumn Festival.

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