Shawn Yue Shares Their Daughter’s Journey Following Her Premature Birth

Shawn Yue with his wife Sarah
Shawn Yue with his wife Sarah

Shawn Yue’s baby daughter Celest Yue (Chuxin) 余初心 makes her first solo debut on Instagram this week after her thankful daddy finally shared her long journey for survival. Born prematurely at 28 weeks instead of the typical 40 weeks and weighing a mere 1KG, little Celest’s situation was quite precarious.

Thankfully, things worked out in the end and little Celest was able to go home. Shawn’s wife Sarah Wang shared her precious daughter’s homecoming last December and revealed that she was actually born much earlier though they didn’t share the news with everyone at the time. Little Celest was in the ICU following her birth and stayed at the hospital for three months.

Little Celest

Shawn recently shared an updated photo of his beloved baby girl all healthy and happy. The Hong Kong actor also included a photo of little Celest just after she was born to show everyone just how far she’s come. In an emotional message, Shawn wrote: “I still remember the first time I saw you just after you were born. Daddy’s tears fell with worry and I could feel your suffering. Newly born into the world and yet already having to face a big challenge. If I could only take your place and suffer in your stead, I would gladly do so. In the three months you spent in the hospital, bit by bit I saw you getting better. God has been very good to us. Until today, seeing you look so healthy and happy, daddy’s heart is filled with joy and comfort. You are my and mummy’s little angel. Love you Celest.

Shawn married Taiwanese actress Sarah Wang back in 2017. The couple have two kids – big brother Cody who was born in 2018 and now Celest who was born last year in 2020.

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