Ou Han Sheng and wife Zheng Yuncan Divorce

Ou Han Sheng

In an unexpected turn of events, Taiwanese singer, actor and host Eddy Ou Han Sheng, also known as Ou Di, just announced yesterday that he and his now ex-wife Zheng Yuncan have called it quits on their seven year marriage. In recent months, Ou Han Sheng’s posts on social media had started showing just himself hanging out with his two children and even their pet dog, but the singer-actor has made zero mention of his wife since his post last April.

In his statement, Ou Han Sheng said that after six years of trying to get used to each other and communicating, it is regrettable that they cannot find a better way to get along. They have therefore decided to separate and have already completed divorce proceedings. He also said, “A peaceful separation is the best way we can think of for our children and for each other.

Ou Han Sheng posts a divorce announcement
Eddy posts a divorce announcement yesterday

Friends close to the singer-actor have said that he appears to be in better spirits now that the couple have divorced as things seem to have calmed down significantly with them living separately.  The former couple seem to get along better too they say. Prior to their separation, friends have revealed that the pair quarreled constantly.

Ou Han Sheng met his non-showbiz wife Zheng Yuncan online in 2010. Zheng Yuncan who originally hails from Chongqing, was reportedly a big fan. In 2014, the couple registered their marriage in Chongqing and later held a super romantic wedding ceremony in Prague a few months after in May of 2015. The couple have two daughters whom Ou Han Sheng has been focused on raising now that he’s single.

Ou Han Sheng and wife Zheng Yuncan Divorce
With his Ex Wife Zheng Yuncan

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