Marco Lin Fan Never Shared a Meal With Her Absentee Parents

Marco Lin Fan

Marco Lin Fan was a former contestant on Youth with You 2 last year along with fellow FANXYRED member K Lu Keran although only the latter made the cut to debut with THE9. This year, Lin Fan who’s known for her androgynous style can be seen on the Tencent music reality show Girls Like Us 黑怕女孩. In a recent episode, she revealed that she actually came from a not so happy home life, and in fact, never shared a meal with her parents whilst growing up. As it turns out, the singer was actually left to be raised by her grandmother after her parents divorced!

What’s more, when her biological mum whom she refers to as “Auntie Yao” returned home when Lin Fan was already in high school, her mum delivered another blow when she revealed the divorce might not have happened had Lin Fan been a boy! *le sigh* We’re not exactly living in the middle ages anymore so why the antiquated views still? Even then, why make her daughter feel the divorce was because of her. It’s hard to imagine the hurt Lin Fan had to have been feeling. After growing up without her parent’s love only to be dealt with another blow like that.

Which is why it’s amazing to see her having such a positive attitude in life despite her upbringing which is mostly thanks to the love from her grandma and her friends. While Lin Fan says she’s not sad when she sees her friends who have a close relationship with their families, she admits she feels a little bit envious because it’s something she never experienced. Nonetheless, she remains optimistic and hopeful that when the time comes for her to have her children, she’ll be able to give them a happy home.

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