Liu Haoran Studio Calls the Cops on Deepfake Content Using the Actor’s Face

Turbo Liu Haoran’s studio steps up to squash rumors over his alleged sexually explicit content which has been circulating online. His studio revealed that content is being spread online, through chat and even being sold for profit. Many fans determined the content to be edited using deepfakes, which is the manipulation of videos to replace one’s face with another.

On August 28, Liu Haoran shared a statement from his studio, “Recently, our studio noticed a large number of users spreading insulting videos and screenshots of Mr. Liu Haoran using AI face-swap technology and chat records containing defamatory remarks. When the aforementioned content was maliciously disseminated in January 2021, our studio has made a clarification and statement reminding the majority of internet users to treat information rationally, to not start nor spread rumors. However, the rumors are still continuing to spread among netizens with ulterior motives who sell videos and take screenshots thus causing it to spread even further and resulting in extremely negative effects. Because the content is mainly spread through WeChat, QQ, and group chats in the form of screenshots and forwarding, there are difficulties and obstacles in obtaining the user information involved in related chat records. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Mr. Liu Haoran, our studio has reported the matter to the police today.”

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