Yu Xiaoguang and Choo Ja Hyun Release Statements Regarding the Woman Caught on Video Sitting on His Lap

Yu Xiaoguang and Choo Ja Hyun Release Statements Regarding the Video of a Woman Sitting on His Lap

Paparazzi footage of Yu Xiaoguang getting into a car and encouraging a woman sit on his lap when there didn’t seem to be enough room has drawn much ire from netizens as the Chinese actor is married to South Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun. Choo Ja Hyun also trended as many sympathized with and supported her. The couple’s rep later issued a statement to debunk the cheating allegations and explain that the woman in the video is just a friend. On July 17, Yu Xiaoguang took to Weibo to post statements from him and his wife.

“Hi everyone, I am Yu Xiaoguang.

First of all, I sincerely apologize for the news in the past two days that has been a cause of concern for everyone. No matter how good a friend, no matter how good the relationship, there should be proper boundaries, should’ve realized that such actions could lead to a misunderstanding. I know, it’s hard for everyone to accept no matter how I explain. After watching the video, I have reflected a lot and I am deeply regretful. Most importantly, Ja Hyun loves me very much, accepts me, yet I have made her sad and caused worry for the people who care for us. Regarding this, I do not have the words to express my guilt. As a husband, father, I will be more careful of my words and actions, so that everyone won’t be troubled by such things again.”

Yu Xiaoguang and Choo Ja Hyun Release Statements Regarding the Video of a Woman Sitting on His Lap

“Hi everyone, I am Choo Ja Hyun.

I know many people were disappointed with the video of Xiaoguang from a few days ago. Even though the person in the video is also a familiar friend of mine, I also feel that Xiaoguang’s actions can indeed cause misunderstandings for people. Even if it’s an unintentional mistake, one must take responsibility and face their wrongdoings. I rebuke and criticize his careless behavior, Xiaoguang is also reflecting and blaming himself. This incident has garnered everyone’s sympathy and care, I actually feel more reassured and positive in my heart, I am deeply moved. If everyone continues to watch over us with such affection and acceptance, we will work harder to show everyone a more mature, beautiful image of us as husband and wife. During these difficult times, I should have given you good news, but I’m sorry to have caused you to worry. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Choo Ja Hyun has also taken to Instagram with similar post written in Korean. In spite of the explanation, it appears some netizens continue to find fault with Yu Xiaoguang saying that his apology is shorter than what his wife wrote.

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