Xu Kai’s English Name is Kai, Not SoSo

Xu Kai
Xu Kai

Here’s a fun little trivia for y’all. Did you know that Ancient Love Poetry star Xu Kai’s English name is actually … “Kai”?

Xu Kai Weibo
Xu Kai’s handle on Weibo is 许凯 SOSO

Okay, so it’s not completely surprising particularly for us English speakers since it’s literally how his name is spelled in pinyin. For Chinese Netizens however, it appears people have always just assumed his English name was “SOSO” since that’s the “name” tacked right after “Xu Kai 许凯” on his social media handle! I mean, I guess it’s easy enough to make that assumption since a lot of celebs like Leo Wu Lei or Jelly Lin Yun or Leo Luo Yunxi for example have been subscribing to this formula when it comes to their social media handles.

So why “SOSO” and why not just indicate Kai when creating his profile? Good question because it appears much like the rest of us whose preferred Insta or Twitter handles might’ve been “too popular” there are X number of iterations for it, the actor said the profile names “Xu Kai” (许凯), “许凯 Kai”, “许凯 K”, “许凯 KK” were all already taken! And so, after trying out ten or more iterations, he said he just randomly popped “许凯 SOSO” only to have the system approve it as it’s still unique and available! Later, when he tried to edit his profile name, he found out you can only change it twice in a year, so he didn’t bother changing it anymore. That’s how he got stuck with everyone calling him “SOSO”.

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