Missing Child Case that Inspired Andy Lau’s Movie “Lost and Love” Gets a Happy Ending After 24 Years

Guo Gangtang and Andy Lau who plays him in Lost and Love
Guo Gangtang and Andy Lau who played Lei Zekuan, a character inspired by Guo Gangtang in the movie Lost and Love

In a story that’s truly truly one for the books, Guo Gangtang, the man Andy Lau’s character Lei Zekuan in the 2015 movie Lost and Love 失孤 is based on, has finally reunited with his long-lost son after 24 years. *Insert crying face here* Remember the movie’s open ended closing scene where Lei Zekuan drives off into the distance on his motorbike? Well, real life and the movie got its happy ending after all, and it’s definitely a finale that’s more than anyone could have hoped for.

Since Guo Zhen’s abduction in 1997 when he was just a toddler, Guo Gangtang has tirelessly criss-crossed China to search for his son. On July 11, all his efforts have come into fruition as the Guo family, with help from the government and the police, finally get to hug their missing son.

Meanwhile, Lost and Love director Peng Sanyuan and star Andy Lau have both already expressed their elation over the happy news. Andy specially recorded a video sending blessings and his congratulations to Guo Gangtang. “I would like to say to brother Guo, I admire your persistence. I also pay tribute to the police force for their determination” said the superstar. The movie’s official page which was updated yesterday, summed it up pretty nicely: that this is indeed truly the best kind of ending.

This is the movie’s best kind of ending

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