[Update] Elva Hsiao and Her Younger Boyfriend Call it Quits After Four Years

Elva Hsiao
Elva Hsiao and Justine Huang Hao in happier times
Elva Hsiao and now ex boyfriend Justin in happier times

Elva Hsiao confirmed the split with her now ex-boyfriend Justin Huang Hao through a post on Instagram earlier this morning. “Done. Both sides see things differently. Both sides have their own ideas. The woman has her own dreams, the man also has his own ideas” writes Elva. Accompanying the post was a short blurry clip of the singer saying “I am done”.

Reading between the lines, it’s likely that Elva and Justin have reached a point in their lives where their goals are moving in different directions hence the split. They have after all, a difference of sixteen years worth of life experiences between them with Elva in her early 40s and Justin in his late 20s. Nonetheless, the singer wished her ex peace and good health. “Wishing each other peace and good health, and that each one will find fulfillment in whichever direction they take. Thank you for everything. Goodbye.

As for Justin, he has thus far not responded yet. Curiously however, the actor did share a photo of himself by the pool last month with the cryptic message saying “tired”. Now as to whether he was alluding to the situation between himself and Elva, or just that he’s literally tired for the day, we don’t really know.

In 2019, Elva announced she had a new man in her life which turned out to be Justin when she celebrated her 40th birthday. Not that a lot of people were surprised though since the pair were already rumoured to have been seeing each other as early as 2017 when Justin was supposedly spotted staying overnight in Elva’s home.

UPDATE: A spokesperson from Elva’s agency later clarified that the two are in fact just on a break and have not broken up. Like all couples who encounter speed bumps in their relationship, Elva and Justin are just taking some time away from each other to cool off. Justin also misses his family, hence deciding to push through with his plans to fly back home to Vancouver.

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