Chiang Hung-chieh and Ai Fukuhara Announce the End of their Four Year Marriage

Table tennis stars Chiang Hung-chieh and Ai Fukuhara
Table tennis celebrity couple Chiang Hung-chieh and Ai Fukuhara

After several months of speculation regarding the fate of their four year marriage, Taiwanese and Japanese table tennis stars Chiang Hung-chieh and Ai Fukuhara have indeed called it quits. The former couple jointly made the official announcement yesterday after the Kaoshiung courts approved their divorce.

To everyone concerned about us, we have already ended our marriage. We will however, continue to co-parent our two children together. Thank you to everyone for your continued concern. We would like to ask for space and privacy especially for our two young children. Apologies for any trouble caused by our personal affairs” said the pair in their statement. Likewise, they also warned folks maliciously spreading any fake rumours that they will be legally held responsible.

Following their divorce announcement, both Chiang Hung-chieh and Ai Fukuhara separately took to social media, apologising to their fans and thanking them for their support through the years.

Chiang Hung-Chieh
Thank you everyone for your concern about me. I am okay. Please don’t worry about me, I am starting a new life from today onwards. I’ll be bringing with me everyone’s warm wishes
Ai Fukuhara
To my warm and caring Chinese table tennis fans who always encouraged me and gave me strength:  my dear fans, I am sorry. My private affairs brought you all trouble and inconvenience.  I will definitely live a good life. Grateful for my friends and family for their unending support.

Hard to think the formerly super sweet pair would end in divorce but well, there they are.

Cheating Rumours

Speculations of cheating surfaced back in March when Japanese media hinted at an ongoing affair between the Olympic medalist and an unnamed man after spotting them supposedly staying overnight in a hotel together in Yokohama city. When news of the alleged affair broke out, Ai admitted to meeting a friend who helped her out a lot but took care to emphasise that they stayed in different rooms.   

On top of this, divorce rumours started gaining even more momentum after Japanese media reported that Ai Fukuhara had already decided to push for a divorce after allegedly suffering from verbal abuse by her husband.

Joint statement from Chiang Hung-chieh and Ai Fukuhara v
Joint statement from the couple via Huayan International

Chiang Hung-chieh and Ai Fukuhara were married in 2016 after competing at the summer Olympics held in Rio. Since then, Ai endeared herself to her Chinese fans, even gaining the moniker “Ai Jiang” (similar to the Japanese Ai Chan) from her Chinese supporters. In 2018, the couple appeared in the reality show Happiness Trio 幸福三重奏, giving viewers a glimpse of married life amongst celebrity couples.

The couple in happier times

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