Bai Yu’s Fan Who Appeared in a Commercial with Him Shows How to Chase Stars the “Right” Way

Bai Yu's fan
Bai Yu's Fan Sets an Example on How to Chase Stars the "Right" Way
Bai Yu and his female fan pose for a photo after shooting the commercial

Whereas we usually hear stories of fans behaving badly, here’s a positive tale from a fan of actor Bai Yu who can surely teach sisheng fans a thing or two about chasing stars sensibly.

According to the fan, it all started in 2016 after she saw Bai Yu in the drama Memory Lost 美人为馅. Since then she said she’d always been a huge fan and that she’d try to attend his fan events just to catch a glimpse of her idol. Bai Yu’s fan said her most unforgettable memory of the actor was at a fan event where she was able to stand close to him for a group photo. She also said that the actor’s message to his fans that day really struck a chord with her.

Bai Yu's fan event
the fan event in 2016

You must turn yourself into a better person, because it is only then, when you become better, become stronger can you protect the people who love you and the people you love”. These are the words she said she took to heart and tried to live by after hearing his message.

Five years later, that same fan will have another memory to trump all the others as she had the unique opportunity to work with her idol professionally, acting a part in a commercial he was shooting. However instead of fangirling and squealing as she probably wanted to do, she kept it all in and kept things professional whilst filming. In fact, it was only when the commercial aired that she even revealed she was a HUGE fan.

On her social media page, Bai Yu’s fan wrote: “I cut my bangs short just for filming that day. Although I am unused to it, it’s all worth it. I had been a fan of yours for many years and never dared to say so. It’s great that I finally got close to you again. I have a lot of things to say about chasing you, step by step to turn myself into a better version of me.”

Now that’s a great example of fans acting responsibly. Despite the fact that she’s probably shrieking and squealing inside (I know I would!), she was careful to act professional and didn’t let it affect her work!

Kudos to Bai Yu’s fan!

Bai Yu's Fan Sets an Example on How to Chase Stars the right Way
A collage from the commercial the pair worked on

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