Aaron Kwok Gets Flak From Netizens for Flying His Wife and Kids Economy

Aaron Kwok Gets Flak From Netizens for Flying His Wife and Kids Economy
Aaron Kwok and wife Moka who flew in with the children to visit him in Shanghai

Spotted on a flight from Hong Kong is Moka Fang Yuan who along with her two kids is Shanghai bound to visit hubby Aaron Kwok who’s currently busy filming in the mainland. Since this is the first time the kids are travelling, mum Moka made sure to pick up the camera for a mini vlog to mark the kids’ milestone. But of all the things to set so many tongues wagging online, betcha she never would’ve thought the fact that they’re flying economy would be the reason!

Since catching a glimpse of Moka and the kids flying in economy class, hubby Aaron is in the hot seat with Netizens calling him out for being “too stingy” on his family. He surely could afford to have them flown in via business class, they pointed out.

The celebrity couple isn’t exactly known for their “frugal” lifestyle. While Aaron may have recently tried simplifying his lifestyle to teach his kids the value of money, he appears to also enjoy buying luxury cars. Likewise, Moka too is known to go a wee bit crazy with her luxury shopping sprees and that’s probably why Netizens still can’t wrap their head around them flying economy.

Moka Fang with her kids

Nonetheless, it appears there are also Netizens who appreciate this move, calling it “down-to-earth”. “When the kids are older, I’ll also let them take economy class. This is a good way of educating them” said one Netizen. Another said, “You’ve gotta be kidding, so many things are being said about taking an economy class flight. Many people fly home to visit relatives over the summer and the fact that airlines also have reduced flights due to Covid, tickets are hard to come by.”  This particular comment actually got a thumbs up from Moka who’s probably shaking her head over this entire thing.

In any case, Moka and the kids have arrived safely in Shanghai and will soon be reunited with daddy post quarantine.

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