Yang Zi and Na Ying Put Bullying Rumours on the Reality Show “The Detectives’ Adventures” to Rest

Yang Zi and Na Ying on the set of The Detectives Adventures
Yang Zi and Na Ying on the set of The Detectives’ Adventures

Yang Zi shows everyone how to shut down rumours when she reached out to her alleged bully Na Ying on social media. “Na jie (姐), Na jie(姐), let’s team up together!” wrote Yang Zi on Chinese social media. A few minutes later, Na Ying quickly wrote back her agreement “Yes yes! I also want to team up with you. Big sister (姐) doesn’t know how to play, so you’ll have to take the lead!

Na Ying's social media post concurring on the creation of Team Yang Zi and Na Ying
Let’s beat them together” said Yang Zi after both stars agree to form Team Yang Zi- Na Ying

Dramaland is never short of drama as the pair has been the subject of bullying rumours after Netizens accused Na Ying of rudely treating Yang Zi on the set of their variety show The Detectives Adventures 萌探探探案. Netizens said that she deliberately targeted the actress with her hostile and dismissive behaviour on the show.

The premise of The Detectives Adventures revolves around a concept similar to Whodunnit? where each episode has the actors playing different roles in the case. Yang Zi was apparently quite good that she managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and fooled them into thinking she wasn’t the villain in both episodes 1 and 2 of the show. That’s probably why Na Ying was quite suspicious of her when episode 3 and 4 rolled around and also the reason why she was pretty vocal in expressing her doubts about Yang Zi’s “false innocence” and how she didn’t have a “good impression” of the actress. Yang Zi also recalled on the show that when Na Ying struck out, “she pointed at me and said ‘you bad guy, you shouldn’t die well’. Then, Na Ying proceeded to shadow her for two days! Let’s not forget the footage of Na Ying pushing Yang Zi off her chair that trended on social media.

Well, many Netizens weren’t having it, saying they felt Na Ying was deliberately being rude. “Once or twice it’s fine, but after watching her in more episodes, I feel like she targeted (Yang Zi). Each time she says “Yang Zi”, I felt very uncomfortable”, says one Netizen. Meanwhile, others have said there’s no need to blow the issue out of proportion since it’s just a variety show; maybe they just got swept away or something but it’s not necessary to make an issue out of thin air.

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